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1. Some thoughts on conservation of an Archaic Greek City on Crete

2. Excavations in the Archaic Civic Buildings at Azoria in 2005-2006

3. The Archaeology of Urbanization: Research Design and the Excavation of an Archaic Greek City on Crete

4. Stratigraphic Excavations at Azoria in 2014

5. Excavations at Azoria and Stratigraphic Evidence for the Restructuring of Cretan Landscapes ca. 600 BC

6. The Archaic Houses at Azoria

7. Excavations at Azoria, 2003-2004, Part 2: The Early Iron Age, Late Prepalatial and Final Neolithic Occupation

8. Excavations at Azoria, 2002

9. Excavation of Archaic Houses at Azoria in 2005-2006

10. The Structuring of Urban Space in Archaic Crete: An example of settlement development from the Early Iron Age to Archaic periods