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This collection contains scholarly resources on the topic of climate change which were authored by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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111. Bayhead deltas and shorelines: Insights from modern and ancient examples

112. Sea Level Rise Explains Changing Carbon Accumulation Rates in a Salt Marsh Over the Past Two Millennia

113. Coastal sedimentation across North America doubled in the 20th century despite river dams

114. Living shorelines enhance nitrogen removal capacity over time

115. Ecosystem-based management for military training, biodiversity, carbon storage and climate resiliency on a complex coastal land/water-scape

116. Juvenile Eastern Oysters More Resilient to Extreme Ocean Acidification than Their Mud Crab Predators

117. Threshold effects of habitat fragmentation on fish diversity at landscapes scales

118. Oyster reefs as carbon sources and sinks

119. Salt Marsh and Fringing Oyster Reef Transgression in a Shallow Temperate Estuary: Implications for Restoration, Conservation and Blue Carbon

120. Evidence of exceptional oyster-reef resilience to fluctuations in sea level