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This collection contains scholarly resources on the topic of climate change which were authored by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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121. Trait sensitivities to seagrass fragmentation across spatial scales shape benthic community structure

122. Joint effects of patch edges and habitat degradation on faunal predation risk in a widespread marine foundation species

123. Reversing a tyranny of cascading shoreline-protection decisions driving coastal habitat loss

124. Coastal squeeze on temperate reefs: Long-term shifts in salinity, water quality, and oyster-associated communities

125. Accelerated Research Scholar Summer Environmental Program Presentation

126. Changing spatial distribution of fish stocks in relation to climate and population size on the Northeast United States continental shelf

127. Shifting species assemblages in the Northeast US Continental Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem

128. Silver hake tracks changes in Northwest Atlantic circulation

129. Fisheries management in a changing climate: Lessons from the 2012 ocean heat wave in the Northwest Atlantic

130. Projected sea surface temperatures over the 21st century: Changes in the mean, variability and extremes for large marine ecosystem regions of Northern Oceans