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This collection contains scholarly resources on the topic of climate change which were authored by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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61. Effects of Ferrous Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide on Nitrate Reduction in the Sediments of an Estuary Experiencing Hypoxia

62. Stratification strength and light climate explain variation in chlorophyll a at the continental scale in a European multilake survey in a heatwave summer

63. Global divergent trends of algal blooms detected by satellite during 1982–2018

64. Riverine Discharge and Phytoplankton Biomass Control Dissolved and Particulate Organic Matter Dynamics over Spatial and Temporal Scales in the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina

65. Feedback between climate change and eutrophication: revisiting the allied attack concept and how to strike back

66. Human health and ocean pollution

67. Greenspace and mortality in the U.K. Biobank: Longitudinal cohort analysis of socio-economic, environmental, and biomarker pathways

68. The human right to a healthy environment—time for the public health community to take urgent action

69. Tracking the impacts of precipitation phase changes through the hydrologic cycle in snowy regions: From precipitation to reservoir storage

70. Deep-branching ANME-1c archaea grow at the upper temperature limit of anaerobic oxidation of methane