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11. Unified Germany's Role in the European Union: Hegemon, Co-leader, or Mediator?

12. Front Matter

13. North Carolina Journal of European Studies Volume 3

14. Comparing the Societal Impact of Parental Leave Policy in Sweden and Italy

15. The State of Populism in the Post-Industrial Democracies of the Global North: Fading Out, Growing Ever Stronger, or Preparing to Unveil a New Face?

16. Observations from the Eichmann Trial: The Democratic Necessity of Deliberation and Cognitive Diversity

17. The Connection Between British Exceptionalism and Brexit

18. Combating an Ethnopopulist Takeover: Can Poland Return to a Liberal Democracy?

19. British Universities and Research in the Era of Brexit

20. Disaster Colonialism: The United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)