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21. Dietary fatty acids improve perceived sleep quality, stress, and health in migraine: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial

22. Crowd-sourced investigation of a potential relationship between Bartonella-associated cutaneous lesions and neuropsychiatric symptoms

23. Candidate composite biomarker to inform drug treatments for diabetic kidney disease

24. Assessing the pre-implementation context for financial navigation in rural and non-rural oncology clinics

25. A cross-sectional study confirms temporary post-COVID-19 vaccine menstrual irregularity and the associated physiological changes among vaccinated women in Jordan

26. Vibrio gazogenes-dependent disruption of aflatoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus flavus: the connection with endosomal uptake and hyphal morphogenesis

27. SARS-CoV-2 spike antigen-specific B cell and antibody responses in pre-vaccination period COVID-19 convalescent males and females with or without post-covid condition

28. Preferred physical characteristics of lidocaine thin film for women with vestibulodynia

29. Prenatal stress unmasks behavioral phenotypes in genetic mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders

30. Population divergence in nutrient-temperature interactions in Pieris rapae