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541. Whole genome sequencing of Enterovirus species C isolates by high-throughput sequencing: Development of generic primers

542. Super-resolution imaging of C-type lectin spatial rearrangement within the dendritic cell plasma membrane at fungal microbe contact sites

543. Expression of the pluripotency transcription factor OCT4 in the normal and aberrant mammary gland

544. Synergy of image analysis for animal and human neuroimaging supports translational research on drug abuse

545. Use of high resolution 3D diffusion tensor imaging to study brain white matter development in live neonatal rats

546. Hippocampal shape and volume changes with antipsychotics in early stage psychotic illness

547. The UNC-Wisconsin rhesus macaque neurodevelopment database: A structural MRI and DTI database of early postnatal development

548. Neonatal White Matter Maturation Is Associated With Infant Language Development

549. A Novel Method for High-Dimensional Anatomical Mapping of Extra-Axial Cerebrospinal Fluid: Application to the Infant Brain

550. A 3D Fully Convolutional Neural Network With Top-Down Attention-Guided Refinement for Accurate and Robust Automatic Segmentation of Amygdala and Its Subnuclei