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561. Computational Modeling of Interacting VEGF and Soluble VEGF Receptor Concentration Gradients

562. Non-Invasive Methods for Estradiol Recovery from Infant Fecal Samples

563. Identifying genes that mediate anthracyline toxicity in immune cells

564. Influence of host iron status on Plasmodium falciparum infection

565. Exploring BSEP inhibition-mediated toxicity with a mechanistic model of drug-induced liver injury

566. Flavonol-rich dark cocoa significantly decreases plasma endothelin-1 and improves cognition in urban children

567. Chronic Administration of a Leupeptin-Derived Calpain Inhibitor Fails to Ameliorate Severe Muscle Pathology in a Canine Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

568. Reducing Auditory Hypersensitivities in Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Preliminary Findings Evaluating the Listening Project Protocol

569. Robust estimation of group-wise cortical correspondence with an application to macaque and human neuroimaging studies

570. Targeting central melanocortin receptors: a promising novel approach for treating alcohol abuse disorders