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601. Möbius-strip-like columnar functional connections are revealed in somato-sensory receptive field centroids

602. Spatial organization of excitatory synaptic inputs to layer 4 neurons in mouse primary auditory cortex

603. Optical suppression of drug-evoked phasic dopamine release

604. GABAergic and glycinergic inhibitory synaptic transmission in the ventral cochlear nucleus studied in VGAT channelrhodopsin-2 mice

605. Biology of adeno-associated viral vectors in the central nervous system

606. Neural cell adhesion molecule, NCAM, regulates thalamocortical axon pathfinding and the organization of the cortical somatosensory representation in mouse

607. Role of GSK3 Signaling in Neuronal Morphogenesis

608. Functions of GSK-3 Signaling in Development of the Nervous System

609. Role of MRP transporters in regulating antimicrobial drug inefficacy and oxidative stress-induced pathogenesis during HIV-1 and TB infections

610. Primer and platform effects on 16S rRNA tag sequencing