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621. The Role of the Insulin/IGF System in Cancer: Lessons Learned from Clinical Trials and the Energy Balance-Cancer Link

622. Environmental and Genetic Contributors to Salivary Testosterone Levels in Infants

623. Decoupling the scholarly journal

624. Stimulating somatosensory psychophysics: a double-blind, sham-controlled study of the neurobiological mechanisms of tDCS

625. Molecular approaches for manipulating astrocytic signaling in vivo

626. The role of autophagy in intracellular pathogen nutrient acquisition

627. Milk- and solid-feeding practices and daycare attendance are associated with differences in bacterial diversity, predominant communities, and metabolic and immune function of the infant gut microbiome

628. Toward a molecular pathogenic pathway for Yersinia pestis YopM

629. Toll-like receptor sensing of human herpesvirus infection

630. Shiga toxin 2-induced intestinal pathology in infant rabbits is A-subunit dependent and responsive to the tyrosine kinase and potential ZAK inhibitor imatinib