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631. Identification of a Lactate-Quinone Oxidoreductase in Staphylococcus aureus that is Essential for Virulence

632. Astrocyte IP3R2-dependent Ca2+ signaling is not a major modulator of neuronal pathways governing behavior

633. Optogenetic stimulation of VTA dopamine neurons reveals that tonic but not phasic patterns of dopamine transmission reduce ethanol self-administration

634. Monitoring extracellular pH, oxygen, and dopamine during reward delivery in the striatum of primates

635. Subclass-based multi-task learning for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis

636. Integrative analysis of multi-dimensional imaging genomics data for Alzheimer's disease prediction

637. Refining pharmacologic research to prevent and treat spontaneous preterm birth

638. Overview: Systemic Inflammatory Response Derived From Lung Injury Caused by SARS-CoV-2 Infection Explains Severe Outcomes in COVID-19

639. Challenges facing airway epithelial cell-based therapy for cystic fibrosis

640. Survival-Convolution Models for Predicting COVID-19 Cases and Assessing Effects of Mitigation Strategies