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681. Evaluating the Influence of Spatial Resampling for Motion Correction in Resting-State Functional MRI

682. Hand-to-Face Remapping But No Differences in Temporal Discrimination Observed on the Intact Hand Following Unilateral Upper Limb Amputation

683. Altered Motor Unit Discharge Coherence in Paretic Muscles of Stroke Survivors

684. The Effects of External Jugular Compression Applied during Head Impact Exposure on Longitudinal Changes in Brain Neuroanatomical and Neurophysiological Biomarkers: A Preliminary Investigation

685. Stroke-Like Presentation Following Febrile Seizure in a Patient with 1q43q44 Deletion Syndrome

686. Remodeling Pearson's Correlation for Functional Brain Network Estimation and Autism Spectrum Disorder Identification

687. Embarrassingly Parallel Acceleration of Global Tractography via Dynamic Domain Partitioning

688. A Monte Carlo Evaluation of Weighted Community Detection Algorithms

689. Fear Learning Regulates Cortical Sensory Representations by Suppressing Habituation

690. Sparse and Specific Coding during Information Transmission between Co-cultured Dentate Gyrus and CA3 Hippocampal Networks