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61. Integrative medical group visits for patients with chronic pain: results of a pilot single-site hybrid implementation-effectiveness feasibility study

62. Identifying sources of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment using the microbial Find, Inform, and Test framework

63. Exploring system dynamics of complex societal issues through socio-scientific models

64. Estimating the effects of COVID-19 on essential health services utilization in Uganda and Bangladesh using data from routine health information systems

65. Editorial: Vagus nerve-mediated drive in supporting homeostasis: optimizing global health through monitoring and stimulating vagal function

66. Editorial: Meiosis in plants: sexual reproduction, genetic variation and crop improvement

67. Editorial: Epigenetic insights into diagnostic and therapeutic applications

68. Editorial: Mechanisms underlying the interactions between stress and pain

69. Editorial: Curbing global warming with multi-scale and multi-sectoral Water-Energy-Food nexus

70. Aminobisphosphonates reactivate the latent reservoir in people living with HIV-1