Annual Occupational Therapy Student Poster Day

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31. Holistic Approaches to Mealtime Occupations with Older Adults

32. The Influence of Prenatal Yoga on Maternal Identity Formation

33. Occupational Therapy in Post-secondary Transition: Barriers, Strategies, & Experiences

34. Exploring a Business Community’s Perceptions and Readiness Surrounding a Dementia-Friendly Workplace

35. A Secondary Data Analysis Exploring Parent Accommodations and Child Participation in Young Children with ASD

36. The Impact of Individuals with Disabilities Upon the Choices of Their Siblings

37. Going Out to Lunch: Impact on Continuity of Identity in Older Adults Residing in Assisted Living

38. Teen Sport Participation in Single Parent Families

39. Best Practices vs. Reality: Student-centeredness In Post-secondary Transition Planning

40. Understanding Parents' Transition Choices for their Children with Intellectual Disabilities