Annual Occupational Therapy Student Poster Day

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1. Perspectives on Cohabitation and Care Partnerships in the Context of Low Socioeconomic Status

2. Family Caregiver Experiences for SCI Survivors During Transitions in Care

3. The role of the church in supporting African American caregivers

4. The role of shared meal occupations in an intergenerational caregiving situation

5. How Early Intervention Occupational Therapists Navigate Spirituality with Families

6. Caregiver Experiences Transitioning from the NICU to Early Intervention

7. Cultural Competence of Early Intervention Occupational Therapists

8. Parent and Therapist Perceptions of Sibling Inclusion in Early Intervention

9. Community Formation Through Sacred Harp Singing: "It's Just Practice"

10. Parental Experiences of Early Childhood Transitions: One Family’s Story