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1. Transcriptional Role of SPT6 at the Histone Locus Body

2. In vivo targeted CRISPR based loss-of-function mutations during neonatal mouse heart development

3. Testing Novel Podocyte Slit Diaphragm Protein Conservation in Danio rerio (Zebrafish)

4. Equilibrium Thermodynamic Effects of Sugar-based Polymers on Protein-complex Formation

5. SURF 2022- Design and Analysis of Organometallic Catalysts for the Synthesis of Better Fuels

6. Function of βII-Spectrin (SPTBN1) in Skeletal Muscle Metabolism

7. Light Yield of New Quantum Dot-Doped Liquid Scintillators

8. Daily Lives of Samburu Pastoralist Children in Northern Kenya: Working, Herding and Food Consumption

9. Concurrent Impacts of Parenting Behaviors on Child Psychopathology

10. The Evolution of Fear-Acquisition Strategies during Predation