Annual Speech and Hearing Sciences Student Research Day

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1. Development of Therapeutic Self over Years of Experience as an Occupational Therapist

2. Concurrent recording of the electrically-evoked compound action potential and the auditory brainstem response in cochlear implant users

3. Effect of stimulus type on extended high frequency thresholds

4. Spectral Weighting Analysis of Sound Localization with Simulated EAS Listeners

5. Global coherence of older adults with traumatic brain injury

6. Connected speech profiles in primary progressive aphasia

7. Geospatial and socioeconomic patterns of patients referred for cochlear implant candidacy evaluation in North Carolina

8. Screening for congenital cytomegalovirus in North Carolina

9. Effects of age at cochlear implant activation on auditory skill development for children with congenital deafness

10. Lingual Frenulum: What is the controversy?