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1. Yoga and the “Pure Muhammadi Path” of Muhammad Nasir ‘Andalib

2. Work-Related Stress and Psychological Distress among Law Enforcement Officers: The Carolina Blue Project

3. Triptolide Administration Alters Immune Responses to Mitigate Insulin Resistance in Obese States

4. Rapid and Convenient Single-Chain Variable Fragment-Employed Electrochemical C-Reactive Protein Detection System

5. Racial Differences in Vaginal Fluid Metabolites and Association with Systemic Inflammation Markers among Ovarian Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study

6. Paths and Mechanisms of Rural Transformation Promoted by Rural Collectively Owned Commercial Construction Land Marketization in China

7. Paradoxical Changes: EMMPRIN Tissue and Plasma Levels in Marfan Syndrome-Related Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms

8. Low-Dose Sorafenib Promotes Cancer Stem Cell Expansion and Accelerated Tumor Progression in Soft Tissue Sarcomas

9. Generating Artistic Portraits from Face Photos with Feature Disentanglement and Reconstruction

10. Fine-Scale (10 m) Dynamics of Smallholder Farming through COVID-19 in Eastern Thailand