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1581. Putting Beta-Diversity on the Map: Broad-Scale Congruence and Coincidence in the Extremes

1582. Autoimmune Response as a Mechanism for a Dobzhansky-Muller-Type Incompatibility Syndrome in Plants

1583. X Chromosomes Alternate between Two States prior to Random X-Inactivation

1584. The Genetic Basis of Thermal Reaction Norm Evolution in Lab and Natural Phage Populations

1585. pRb Inactivation in Mammary Cells Reveals Common Mechanisms for Tumor Initiation and Progression in Divergent Epithelia

1586. Dictyostelium Myosin Bipolar Thick Filament Formation: Importance of Charge and Specific Domains of the Myosin Rod

1587. Pten Dose Dictates Cancer Progression in the Prostate

1588. Analysis of Murine Hepatitis Virus Strain A59 Temperature-Sensitive Mutant TS-LA6 Suggests that nsp10 Plays a Critical Role in Polyprotein Processing

1589. Optimal tests for rare variant effects in sequencing association studies

1590. Identifying individual risk rare variants using protein structure guided local tests (POINT)