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1711. Multiple poliovirus-induced organelles suggested by comparison of spatiotemporal dynamics of membranous structures and phosphoinositides

1712. Hijacking of multiple phospholipid biosynthetic pathways and induction of membrane biogenesis by a picornaviral 3CD protein

1713. A speed–fidelity trade-off determines the mutation rate and virulence of an RNA virus

1714. Compartmentalized Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Originates from Long-Lived Cells in Some Subjects with HIV-1-Associated Dementia

1715. Global synonymous mutagenesis identifies cis-acting RNA elements that regulate HIV-1 splicing and replication

1716. Source and purity of dengue-viral preparations impact requirement for enhancing antibody to induce elevated IL-1β secretion: A primary human monocyte model

1717. A tetravalent virus-like particle vaccine designed to display domain III of dengue envelope proteins induces multi-serotype neutralizing antibodies in mice and macaques which confer protection against antibody dependent enhancement in AG129 mice

1718. Nanoparticle delivery of a tetravalent E protein subunit vaccine induces balanced, type-specific neutralizing antibodies to each dengue virus serotype

1719. Patterns of Rotavirus Vaccine Uptake and Use in Privately-Insured US Infants, 2006-2010

1720. Bloodstream infections in community hospitals in the 21st century: A multicenter cohort study