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1741. Predictors of Student Productivity in Biomedical Graduate School Applications

1742. Pharmacokinetics and toxicity of subcutaneous administration of carboplatin in poloxamer 407 in a rodent model pilot study

1743. Patterns of Contraceptive Adoption, Continuation, and Switching after Delivery among Malawian Women

1744. Optimizing ultrasound molecular imaging of secreted frizzled related protein 2 expression in angiosarcoma

1745. Novel application of the published kinase inhibitor set to identify therapeutic targets and pathways in triple negative breast cancer subtypes

1746. No prognostic value added by vitamin D pathway SNPs to current prognostic system for melanoma survival

1747. NNKTT120, an anti-iNKT cell monoclonal antibody, produces rapid and sustained iNKT cell depletion in adults with sickle cell disease

1748. Nearest shrunken centroids via alternative genewise shrinkages

1749. Multi-scale model of drug induced adaptive resistance of Gram-negative bacteria to polymyxin B

1750. Mind the Gap: Gaps in Antidepressant Treatment, Treatment Adjustments, and Outcomes among Patients in Routine HIV Care in a Multisite U.S. Clinical Cohort