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1921. Arabidopsis AtMORC4 and AtMORC7 Form Nuclear Bodies and Repress a Large Number of Protein-Coding Genes

1922. A Functionally Conserved Gene Regulatory Network Module Governing Olfactory Neuron Diversity

1923. A Cohesin-Based Partitioning Mechanism Revealed upon Transcriptional Inactivation of Centromere

1924. A Chemical-Genomic Screen of Neglected Antibiotics Reveals Illicit Transport of Kasugamycin and Blasticidin S

1925. Unified thalamic model generates multiple distinct oscillations with state-dependent entrainment by stimulation

1926. Transmembrane helical interactions in the CFTR channel pore

1927. Testing the limits of gradient sensing

1928. Probabilistic fluorescence-based synapse detection

1929. Breakdown of local information processing may underlie isoflurane anesthesia effects

1930. A cyber-linked undergraduate research experience in computational biomolecular structure prediction and design