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11. Ethical inclusion: Risks and benefits of research from the perspective of perinatal people with opioid use disorders who have experienced incarceration

12. Disease decreases variation in host community structure in an old-field grassland

13. AUM302, a novel triple kinase PIM/PI3K/ mTOR inhibitor, is a potent in vitro pancreatic cancer growth inhibitor

14. Associations between personal apparent temperature exposures and asthma symptoms in children with asthma

15. An instant messaging mobile phone application for promoting HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis uptake among Chinese gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men: A mixed methods feasibility and piloting randomized controlled trial study

16. A tale of two communities: Comparing user perceptions of condominial and conventional sewer systems in Salvador, Brazil

17. A community health worker-led program to improve access to gestational diabetes screening in urban slums of Pune, India: Results from a mixed methods study

18. Using detrending to assess SARS-CoV-2 wastewater loads as a leading indicator of fluctuations in COVID-19 cases at fine temporal scales: Correlations across twenty sewersheds in North Carolina

19. Ten simple rules for interpreting and evaluating a meta-analysis

20. Prioritizing persons deprived of liberty in global guidelines for tuberculosis preventive treatment