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2011. A Randomized Controlled Study of Neurofeedback for Chronic PTSD

2012. A Qualitative Exploration of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Contexts of HIV-Positive Adolescents in Tanzania

2013. A Minimal Intervention to Promote Smoke-Free Homes among 2-1-1 Callers: North Carolina Randomized Effectiveness Trial

2014. A High-Throughput Screening-Compatible Strategy for the Identification of Inositol Pyrophosphate Kinase Inhibitors

2015. 3D Mandibular Superimposition: Comparison of Regions of Reference for Voxel-Based Registration

2016. The relationship between entomological indicators of Aedes aegypti abundance and dengue virus infection

2017. The cost and cost-effectiveness of rapid testing strategies for yaws diagnosis and surveillance

2018. Low cost, low tech SNP genotyping tools for resource-limited areas: Plague in Madagascar as a model

2019. Dissecting the human serum antibody response to secondary dengue virus infections

2020. Community effectiveness of pyriproxyfen as a dengue vector control method: A systematic review