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81. Inferred Attractiveness: A generalized mechanism for sexual selection that can maintain variation in traits and preferences over time

82. Effects of digital chatbot on gender attitudes and exposure to intimate partner violence among young women in South Africa

83. Development of a research mentorship guide and consensus statement for low- and middle-income countries: Results of a modified Delphi process

84. Cost-benefit analysis of alternative tax policies on sugar-sweetened beverages in Mexico

85. Assessing the relationship between early maladaptive schemas and interpersonal problems using interpersonal scenarios depicting rejection

86. Assessing the associations between known genetic variants and substance use in people with HIV in the United States

87. A pilot exploratory study examining the potential influence of continuous positive airway pressure devices on cranial molding trajectories in preterm infants

88. An open-source probabilistic record linkage process for records with family-level information: Simulation study and applied analysis

89. An efficient machine learning framework to identify important clinical features associated with pulmonary embolism

90. Violence in fishing, hunting, and gathering societies of the Atacama Desert coast: A long-term perspective (10,000 BP—AD 1450)