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1. Using detrending to assess SARS-CoV-2 wastewater loads as a leading indicator of fluctuations in COVID-19 cases at fine temporal scales: Correlations across twenty sewersheds in North Carolina

2. Ten simple rules for interpreting and evaluating a meta-analysis

3. Prioritizing persons deprived of liberty in global guidelines for tuberculosis preventive treatment

4. Particle-based simulations reveal two positive feedback loops allow relocation and stabilization of the polarity site during yeast mating

5. Opposing action of the FLR-2 glycoprotein hormone and DRL-1/FLR-4 MAP kinases balance p38-mediated growth and lipid homeostasis in C. elegans

6. Microbial community function and bacterial pathogen composition in pit latrines in peri-urban Malawi

7. Maternal adverse childhood experiences on child growth and development in rural Pakistan: An observational cohort study

8. Inferred Attractiveness: A generalized mechanism for sexual selection that can maintain variation in traits and preferences over time

9. Effects of digital chatbot on gender attitudes and exposure to intimate partner violence among young women in South Africa

10. Development of a research mentorship guide and consensus statement for low- and middle-income countries: Results of a modified Delphi process