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1. Reaching key populations through key venues: Insights from the Jamaica HIV prevention Program

2. National and subnational size estimation of female sex workers in Ghana 2020: Comparing 3-source capture-recapture with other approaches

3. Psychosocial determinants of sustained maternal functional impairment: Longitudinal findings from a pregnancy-birth cohort study in rural Pakistan

4. Validating the implementation of an indicator reporting policies and laws on free public maternal health-related services in the era of universal health coverage: A multi-country cross-sectional study

5. Unintended pregnancy and contraception use among African women living with HIV: Baseline analysis of the multi-country US PEPFAR PROMOTE cohort

6. The timing of HIV-1 infection of cells that persist on therapy is not strongly influenced by replication competency or cellular tropism of the provirus

7. The initial visibility of updated recommendations on preseason heat safety in high school athletics among United States athletic trainers

8. Sanitation in urban areas may limit the spread of antimicrobial resistance via flies

9. Public perceptions of synthetic cooling agents in electronic cigarettes on Twitter

10. Potential implications of the climate crisis on diagnostics