Planning as an Historic Resource: An Example from the Western Piedmont of North Carolina Public Deposited

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  • Hartley, Michael O.
    • Other Affiliation: Director of the Bethania Town Lot Study, Bethania Historical Association
  • As an archaeologist working with the historic resources of Carolina for more than twenty years I have found that the issues of planning have been an ever-present consideration in the study of our culture. It might be thought that this refers to the interface between the archaeologist or preservation planner and twentieth century change. It may also refer to the destruction of historically significant material resources, for example the excavation of a plantation ruin in the path of a bypass around Charleston or the clearance of a reservoir basin on one of our river systems. There is, however, a broader aspect to the approach of archaeology: the ability of the discipline to examine process over time and determine the relationship of one point in time to another in terms of process. It is that aspect of the archaeological analysis of Carolina that this discussion will treat. In particular, it is intended here to examine the presence of planning in the origins of Carolina, in the origins of the Moravian towns of western North Carolina, and to draw some conclusions about the effect of that planning in the present day. Planning is a basic historic artifact of Carolina, an artifact which is visible in its material structure and in the ongoing flow of its culture. As current planning takes place it is important to be aware that processes begun generations before continue into the present. As never before we have the capability to irrevocably transform the configuration of our landscape and in that process alter the streams of our culture. As our rate of change accelerates and our ability to affect physical change intensifies, it is important to recognize and enhance what is already present.
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