Distributing the Public Cost and Benefits of Growth in the Raleigh-Durham Area Public Deposited

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  • Greenberg, Stephanie W.
    • Other Affiliation: Research Sociologist, Center for the Study of Social Behavior, Research Triangle Institute, NC
  • Usher, Charles L.
    • Other Affiliation: Policy Analyst, Center for the Study of Social Behavior, Research Triangle Institute, NC
  • Although the accuracy of economic development models is enhanced by the inclusion of public sector subsystems, one problem which tends to be ignored in most of these models is the imbalance which often arises in the distribution of public costs and benefits. This problem involves two issues. One concerns the degree to which the public costs and benefits of development are distributed equitably among the residents within a single jurisdiction. The other issue pertains to externalities, specifically whether or not there is a significant spillover of costs and benefits from one jurisdiction to another. This report deals with both types of issues over the period from 1960 to 1980 in the Raleigh-Durham area. Among the intrajurisdictional issues which we shall analyze is the degree to which suburban or fringe development in annexed areas has been underwritten by central-city residents, or conversely, the degree to which the property of suburban residents has been exploited as a new tax resource by central cities. If disproportionate shares of the costs and benefits of growth have been realized by certain groups, an inequitable situation will be deemed to exist. A second intrajurisdictional issue we shall examine is the administration of the property tax. Our purpose is to investigate a potential problem involving the equitable imposition of the property tax burden on residents of growing communities. The third intrajurisdictional issue that will be explored is the increasing reliance of growing communities on regressive means of generating public revenue. This trend is best illustrated in the widespread use of user fees.
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