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  • Robertson, Drew
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Art and Art History, Studio Art
  • This is a still from Covers, 2015. It features a song by the Human League that was stuck in my head every morning when I woke up for over a month. I would open my eyes and there it was. I decided the only way to exorcise the earworm was to sing and dance to the song in its entirety while wearing my normal bed getup. Like a pale awkward ghost I am under my duvet cover, wearing my briefs and my CPAP machine. The mise-en-scene of the work is absurd. The comical absurdity belies the actuality of the situation. The scene is comical on top but dealing with my insecurity underneath. I am out of shape and barely able to breathe because of the pressure from my CPAP machine, but I am under this sheet, singing and dancing. When I was younger this would have been easy but it's getting harder and harder as I age. The sheet is visually striking and distracting enough to cover all of this up.
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