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  • Robertson, Drew
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Art and Art History, Studio Art
  • This is a three channel video piece that was part of my solo thesis exhibition of the same name. The three videos feature footage from 1-hour comedy specials. We see Eddie Murphy's Raw, Sarah Silverman's We Are Miracles, and Louis CK's Shameless. In each, the appropriated footage is reoriented to a portrait format, and each joke the comedians tell has been methodically removed. This erasure can be misconstrued as destructive or irreverent. The piece is based on Rauschenberg's Erased DeKooning Drawing. By erasing the revered drawing Rauschenberg followed each drawn line. The excision demanded the artist mirror the same gestures as De Kooning, performing his process in reverse. Removing the jokes of Murphy, Silverman, and CK gives space for the viewer to act as stand-in. Allowing the viewer to feel as if the recorded audience is laughing at, and applauding them. It also shows how rigorous the practice of these comedians is. It leaves us with a real sense of their rhythm. The silence showcases the pause, the beat. It is evident that even though different, each comic is masterfully aware of a sense of space and temporal linearity. The editing rhythm mirrors the timing of their performances . There is syncopation in the play between solid color blocks and the appearance of the comedians on screen.
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