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  • Robertson, Drew
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Art and Art History, Studio Art
  • This is a still from Same Joke, Different Folks. In this version different comedians now perform the same joke from the previous video. I wanted to see how different people would filter and interpret the same joke; how they would change its structure. It is recorded backstage at a comedy club in the style of the children's game "telephone," where children sit in a circle and each person whispers a phrase to the person next them until it gets back to the originator of the phrase. There is always a difference between how the phrase starts and what it turns into. In an effort to take a different approach to repetition and timing I recorded each comic in succession without letting anyone see the others perform the joke. They are all transmitting the same message, but the subtle variations between each of them become the center of the work.
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