Dipole Response of 238U to Polarized Photons Below the Neutron-separation Energy Public Deposited

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  • March 20, 2019
  • Hammond, Samantha L.
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • An investigation of dipole states in 238U is important for the fundamental understanding of its structure. In the present work, precise experimental information on the distribution of M1 and E1 transitions in 238U has been obtained with the nuclear resonance fluorescence technique at the High-Intensity gamma-ray Source at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory. Using 100% linearly-polarized, monoenergetic gamma-ray beams with incident energies of 2.0 - 6.2 MeV, the spin, parity, integrated cross section, width, branching ratio, and gamma-strength of the observed deexcitations were determined. These measurements form a unique data set that can be used for comparison with theoretical models of collective excitations in heavy, deformed nuclei. The data can also provide isotope-specific signatures to search for special nuclear materials.
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  • Karwowski, Hugon
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  • Chapel Hill, NC
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