A Comparison of Technique Errors between Film and Photostimulable-Phosphor (PSP) Receptors Public Deposited

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  • March 19, 2019
  • Nguyen, Amy U.
    • Affiliation: School of Dentistry, Division of Allied Dental Education, Dental Hygiene Master's Program
  • This study evaluated the technique errors of full mouth series exposed with two intraoral radiography receptor systems; traditional film-based and PSP-based (photostimulable phosphor) receptors. Full mouth series (n=405) were randomly selected: three series per each student for film-based (n=81) and PSP-based (n=102). All images (1514 film and 1754 PSP images) were evaluated in four categories for technique errors: 1) horizontal, 2) vertical, 3) cone centering, 4) packet placement. Each image was graded based on the presence and degree of the error (no error, diagnostically acceptable error and diagnostically unacceptable). All images were evaluated using the same viewing conditions: viewbox for film images and a 17" computer monitor for digital images at (1024 x 768 resolution) with no feature enhancements. More technique errors occurred with the use of the PSP receptors when compared to film (p<0.05). Further research should explore use of the PSP receptor with another film holding device.
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