State-Dependent Cortical Network Dynamics Public Deposited

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  • March 20, 2019
  • Sellers, Kristin
    • Affiliation: School of Medicine, UNC Neuroscience Center, Neuroscience Curriculum
  • Neuropsychiatric illness represents a major health burden in the United States with a paucity of effective treatment. Many neuropsychiatric illnesses are network disorders, exhibiting aberrant organization of coordinated activity within and between brain areas. Cortical oscillations, arising from the synchronized activity of groups of neurons, are important in mediating both local and long-range communication in the brain and are particularly affected in neuropsychiatric diseases. A promising treatment approach for such network disorders entails ‘correcting’ abnormal oscillatory activity through non-invasive brain stimulation. However, we lack a clear understanding of the functional role of oscillatory activity in both health and disease. Thus, basic science and translational work is needed to elucidate the role of oscillatory activity and other network dynamics in neuronal processing and behavior. Organized activity in the brain occurs at many spatial and temporal scales, ranging from the millisecond duration of individual action potentials to the daily circadian rhythm. The studies comprising this dissertation focused on organization in cortex at the time scale of milliseconds, assessing local field potential and spiking activity, and contribute to understanding (1) the effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on behavioral responses, (2) network dynamics within and across cortical areas during different states, and (3) how oscillatory activity organizes spiking activity locally and long-range during sustained attention. Taken together, this work provides insight into the physiological organization of network dynamics and can provide the basis for future rational design of non-invasive brain stimulation treatments.
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  • Frohlich, Flavio
  • Gilmore, John
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  • Hopfinger, Joseph
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  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate School
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  • 2016

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