Influence of estrogen on IL-6 response to prolonged treadmill running in elite female runners Public Deposited

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  • March 20, 2019
  • Kallman, Ashley L.
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Exercise and Sport Science
  • This study assessed the influence of estrogen (E2) on IL-6 and IL-1beta responses to prolonged aerobic exercise. Eumenorrheic women (n = 10) completed 90-minute treadmill running bouts at 67% VO2peak during low E2 (LE) and high E2 (HE) hormonal conditions. Resting, immediate, 24-hour, and 72-hour post blood samples were collected to determine changes in cytokines. Resting blood samples for E2 confirmed appropriate hormonal status for both conditions. Overall IL-6 concentration was significantly higher in LE (main effect; p = 0.011); however, relative exercise IL-6 percent change was not different between hormonal conditions. Interleukin-1beta was unobtainable due to procedural challenges. In conclusion, the influence of hormonal condition on IL-6 and IL-1beta in response to exercise is still unclear; therefore, it cannot be suggested that highly trained female runners should alter their training program with regards to hormonal status. Additional research is essential to add to the limited literature on this topic.
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  • Hackney, Anthony
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