WebQuests in the English classroom: how do they affect student learning? Public Deposited

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  • March 22, 2019
  • Siko, Kari Lee
    • Affiliation: School of Education
  • WebQuests are an Internet-based technology application in which groups of students follow a specific set of steps toward the completion of a final project on a specific subject or multi-disciplinary subject. As with many other technologies and technology applications, there is a void in the published research that examines the effects that WebQuests have on students and student learning. Many educators are using technologies and technology applications, such as WebQuests, that have not been examined in depth for the effects on student learning. This results in teachers using instructional tools that have not been proven to help in learning. This current situation of teachers using technologies and technology applications which are not proven instructional methods is the basis for this research study on WebQuests and student learning. This research study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of WebQuests to ensure that the teachers who are using this technology application are using an instructional method which is proven to enhance student learning. Through the use of both quantitative and qualitative data, this study begins to examine not only the effects of WebQuests on student learning but also lays the groundwork for future research on the effects of other technologies and technology applications on student learning. In this study, the students originally believed that they had learned during the completion of the WebQuest; however, after not being able to complete the transfer activity, the students changed their minds and said that they obviously had not learned the material. Students seemed to think that they had learned simply because they had completed the WebQuest, but realized that they had not retained any knowledge on the poetic literary terms presented in the WebQuest after failing to successfully apply the literary terms to a new poem. This is verified by the slight decrease in scores on the posttest compared with the pre-test. Further research needs to be conducted to see if the level of teacher involvement affects student learning with the WebQuest.
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