Examination of How Preparation Pathway and Induction Program Comprehensiveness are Associated with Novice STEM Teachers' Perceptions of Preparedness and Intentions to Remain in Teaching Public Deposited

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  • March 22, 2019
  • Goldberg, Lindsay
    • Affiliation: School of Education
  • Novice science and mathematics (STEM) educators experience high rates of teacher turnover and a shortage of new teachers entering the profession. Variations in the extensiveness of their preservice preparation and on-the-job support services may contribute to these problems. This study examined associations between the comprehensiveness of middle and secondary novice STEM teachers' preparation and induction programs to their perceptions of preparedness and intentions to remain in teaching. Linear and logistic regression analyses revealed that individuals exposed to comprehensive preparation pathways felt more prepared to teach and were more likely to plan to remain in teaching long-term. Likewise, individuals who participated in comprehensive induction programs planned to remain in the profession long-term. These findings suggest that access to comprehensive preparation and induction programs may provide novice STEM educators with the resources needed to feel prepared for the challenges of teaching and aide in their overall commitment to teaching.
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  • Hamm, Jill
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