Effect of surface sealant on staining resistance of novel tooth-colored restorative materials Public Deposited

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  • March 21, 2019
  • Naorungroj, Supawadee
    • Affiliation: School of Dentistry, Department of Operative Dentistry
  • Objective: To evaluate staining resistance of the three restorative materials (Ketac Nano: KN, Filtek Supreme: FS, and Filtek Silorane: FLS) and the influences from surface finishes (600-grit SiC, Sof-Lex: SL, and BisCover LV: BC). Methods: Specimens (n= 8) were fabricated for each group. The staining resistance was tested by immersion of specimens in a coffee solution and distilled water as a control. Total color changes (ΔE*ab) from baseline to 28 days were evaluated by computed CIE L* a* b* values. Surface topography was assessed by atomic force microscopy. Results: For KN and FS, 600-grit SiC had the highest ΔE*ab followed by SL and BC respectively. For FLS, BC had the highest ΔE*ab followed by 600-grit SiC and SL respectively. An increase of surface defects of BC was observed.Conclusions: Filtek Silorane polished with Sof-Lex provided the most color stability whereas BisCover LV improved color stability of Ketac Nano and Filtek Supreme.
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  • Donovan, Terence
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