Homeschool Literacy Choices: A Case Study of How Parents Teach Their Children With Unique Learning Needs Public Deposited

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  • Ampuja, Abby A
    • Affiliation: School of Education
  • This qualitative case study was designed to explore the instructional methods, materials, and decision-making processes used to teach literacy by homeschool parents of children with unique learning needs. Participants were selected through purposive sampling from among a group of homeschoolers in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Information was collected via semi-structured interviews, surveys, and literacy observations. The research questions were: What instructional methods and materials do homeschool parents of children with unique learning needs use to teach literacy? What sources of information do homeschool parents of students with unique learning needs use to select these methods and materials? In what ways do homeschool parents of students with unique learning needs exhibit confidence and competence? The findings revealed that participants emphasized the importance of: (a) using authentic text to teach literacy, (b) “following the child” as a means of selecting appropriate methods and materials for literacy, (c) parents tapping into their own past experiences/education as well as the homeschool community, and (d) an inner knowing that was used to make decisions throughout the homeschool process. In addition, the homeschool parents in the present study were using a number of special education high-leverage practices (HLPs) and components of emergent curriculum to teach literacy to their children with unique learning needs. Practical applications and recommendations for future research were included.
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  • Diliberto, Jennifer
  • LaGarry, Alison
  • Hughes, Sherick
  • Griffin, Dana
  • Walter, Meghan
  • Doctor of Education
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  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate School
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  • 2020

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