Stratēgoi and the Administration of Greece under the Antigonids Public Deposited

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  • March 21, 2019
  • Seufert, Alexander Michael
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of History
  • This thesis investigates the policies of the Antigonid Dynasty towards the poleis of its kingdom by examining the highest military office of the kingdom, the stratēgos. This work takes special care to mark the civic responsibilities of the office from the time of Antigonus Gonatas to the eventual conquest by Rome in order to elucidate the manner in which the Macedonians oversaw the difficult task of establishing and maintaining control over their subject cities. The thesis aims to show that the Antigonid kings sought to create a delicate balance between their own interests and the interests of the populace. In doing so, they were keen to take traditional sensibilities into account when governing over the poleis. Contrary to previous scholarship, this thesis shows that the Antigonids allowed local elections of military positions to take place, and did not suppress existing magistracies within subject cities.
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  • Naiden, Fred
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  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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