“The Zine Scheme”: A Comparison of Five Institutions’ Methods of Zine Description and an Assessment of the xZINECOREx Metadata Schema for the Creation of a Zine Union Catalog Public Deposited

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  • February 28, 2019
  • Gootzeit, Julia
    • Affiliation: School of Information and Library Science
  • This paper examines the schemas used to describe zines across the collections of five different institutions: the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP), Barnard Zine Library, the Bingham Zine Collections, Long Beach Public Library’s zine collection, and Salford Zine Library, and compares them to the xZINECOREx metadata schema which was created in order to facilitate a union catalog of zines. Records were selected from each institution, and each schema was mapped to the xZINECOREx metadata schema. The selected records, schemas, and crosswalk were then analyzed. Overall, xZINECOREx has the potential to facilitate the creation of a union catalog and allow institutions to share the work they have already done describing their zine collections. Difficulties in mapping the schemas from each institution to xZINECOREx came primarily from attributes mapping to multiple xZINECOREx attributes, and from xZINECOREx failing to have attributes that described a series of zines under one record.
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  • Feinberg, Melanie
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