Adult Entertainment Zoning: A Case Study Public Deposited

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  • Yow, Robert B.
    • Affiliation: School of Government
  • In a decade when much of government's time and resources have been consumed in the fight against crime, thought about society's views on victimless crimes has been considerable. When citizens are being victimized by violent crimes and when resources are stretched thin, officials are forced to examine the priorities of the criminal justice system. Few would dispute that efforts to ensure the safety of citizens in the streets and their homes should prevail over attempts to keep a consenting adult from viewing obscene material. Yet society, in its fickle and complicated way, creates a paradox for government officials. Protection against both the real physical threat of violence and property crimes and the tenuous spiritual threat of immorality are called for. Resources are probably not great enough, however, to meet either threat, much less both of them. "Interviews with law enforcement officers and public prosecutors across the country...consistently revealed a view that fiscal and political constraints barred an aggressive drive against pornography, which would necessarily be perceived to be at the expense of other, more urgent law enforcement priorities" (Strum, 1977, p. 13). How then, other than to continue to expend already stretched resources, can government control victimless crimes? One area that is currently receiving attention is the use of zoning as an alternative to control the proliferation of the adult entertainment business, which includes adult book stores, adult motion picture theaters, massage parlors, and adult cabarets. In examining the potential of zoning to control those activities, much attention will be directed to the experience of Fayetteville , North Carolina.
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