A Formula for Viability in the Face of Demilitarization Public Deposited

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  • Floom, John Paul
    • Other Affiliation: Winner of Third Annual Weiss Competition on Urban Livability
  • The South has always been supportive of the military since the founding of our country, and southern cities have benefited economically from this relationship ever since the end of World War II. This relationship has evolved so that many southern cities have become dependent on the military and defense industries for their livelihood. The cities of Jacksonville, NC, Fayetteville, NC, and the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia are three places that are greatly affected by the military and defense industries. These areas have various levels of dependency on military and defense industries, ranging from an almost complete reliance as in Jacksonville, to almost total independence as in the Hampton Roads area. A hypothetical scenario in which the military and defense industries closed bases and defense production facilities, would show the real economic impact. Based on this scenario, one can see that those areas that have maintained a diverse economy (not totally dependent on the military and defense industries), such as Hampton Roads, would not be as heavily affected as those areas that chose to be dependent on the military and defense industries, such as Jacksonville. NC. This scenario will be used to define the expected success of each area in the face of demilitarization that may or may not occur. In determining the outcome of the scenario in each city mentioned, one may discover a successful formula for the continued viability of a southern city during and after demilitarization.
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