A New Hurricane Protection Plan for North Carolina's Barrier Islands Public Deposited

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  • Richardson, Craig
    • Affiliation: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of City and Regional Planning
  • What are the chances coastal North Carolina will suffer a hurricane attack? What damages occur when this most dreaded of natural storms strikes? What existing actions are being used to address the hurricane problem? Is the program adequate? If not, what actions need to be included to insure protection of life, property, and the amenities so unique to the coastal environment? This study attempts to answer these questions for the beach communities located on the string of barrier islands stretching the distance of the North Carolina coast. First, an examination of hurricane occurrences is made to determine the probability of hurricane landfall; that analysis is followed by an assessment of damages to life and property by such events. Next, attention is focused on actions used to protect the barrier islands from hurricane attack. The report concludes with an analysis of the existing program and sets forth recommendations for a new hurricane policy and action plan for the local barrier island communities.
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