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Subject: FW: Regarding renaming of Airport Road




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Subject: Regarding renaming of Airport Road


My name is Jennifer Lynn Beemer and I am speaking on the behalf of the renaming of Airport Road. First of all, I am a native born and raised of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. My father is an alumni of UNC Chapel Hill Law School. Secondly, I am FURIOUS that all of this expansion and renaming of streets is RUINING the town I grew up in. I know all about how important the civil rights movements and what a tremendous job that Martin Luther King Jr did for his people. I bet HALF of the newcomers don't even remember a small diner called Brady's was where the Siena Hotel is now proudly standing. I am so fed up with the greed and development of this area that once I am done with my schooling at Durham Technical Community College in the Medical Office Assistant Program I AM OUT OF HERE!!! I will look for a job elsewhere. I am tired of living in a town that is completely based on the students and don't care about people like me who have lived here all of their lives and have seen the ruins of destruction. And the sad part is I don't WANT to leave because it IS my hometown. But if I have to leave because of everything I will!!!
I am for the "dedication" of the street to Martin Luther King Jr. NOT the "renaming". I couldn't even find a job here because I have lived here all of my life and there is too much competition as it is. As a young white woman in her thirties that have to pay an arm and a leg for health insurance and can't find a decent job in the town she grew up in, I AM beginning to feel like a minority. Finally Mr. Mayor, if this town doesn't take part and look into the development in surrounding Durham and the encroachment of new businesses in the local RTP areas, the greed will destroy the beauty and "quaintness" that Chapel Hill once was. There is no Southern Charm left here in Chapel Hill. It is all greedy developers that are moving in trying to make it like California. TRUST ME, it may not happen in the next few years but you will see it. And with that, thank you for your time out of your busy schedule and you now know where I stand. This letter is between you and me (or whoever wishes to read it).
If I can be of any further assistance to you please don't hesitate to email me.

Jennifer Lynn Beemer