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This thesis investigates the factors influencing accent placement in Japanese lexical blends (e.g. gozira ‘Godzilla,’ gorira ‘gorilla’ + kuzira ‘whale’). Previous studies on English blends have claimed that the relative contributions of source words are influenced by factors such as their linear order (Bat-El & Cohen 2012, Gries 2004a,b) or the privileged position of the head (Shaw 2013). I present accent data collected for a corpus of Japanese blends to show that their accent placement is determined by head faithfulness rather than linear order or patterns found in other word formation processes. This work has several implications. First, it provides support for the claim that the position of the head is relevant in blend formation. It also demonstrates that factors influencing blends are cross-linguistically relevant. Finally, it provides evidence that blending is a distinct process and that the internal morphological structure of blends is unlike that of compounds and reduced compounds.