Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > Characterisation of Foci Formed by the Telomeric Binding Protein POT-1 in the Developing C. elegans Embryo

The ends of linear chromosomes are protected by telomeres, repetitive DNA caps that are bound by a complex of proteins collectively known as shelterin. POT1, a component of shelterin, binds telomeric single stranded DNA and is important in the regulation of telomeres. Little is known about the regulation of telomeres in the context of early development. Using the early C. elegans embryo as a model, I have developed a system for studying telomeres in live embryos. A transgene expressing POT-1::mCherry exhibits punctate foci at telomeres during early development. Detailed analysis of this transgene in a wild-type and a telomere lengthening background suggest that telomere length may affect POT-1 binding to telomeres.