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Purpose: The objective of this pilot study was to evaluate the healing responses of a anesthetic bone putty in tooth extraction sockets of a canine model. Materials and Methods: In five beagle dogs the right mandibular premolars were extracted. The extraction sockets were grafted with one of the four treatment arms: 1) bone putty alone, 2) bone putty mixed with xenograft particulate bone (3:1), 3) xenograft sandwiched between bone putty and 4) xenograft covered with a collagen sponge. After 6 weeks, the healing extraction sockets were evaluated by microCT and histological analysis. Results: All sockets healed without complications. By microCT analysis, sockets grafted demonstrated comparable radiographic evidence of bone healing compared to control sockets. Histologically, a minimal inflammatory infiltrate was present in all the sockets. Conclusions: Our pre-clinical results indicate that this bone putty is a safe, biocompatible device that may be useful in the post-operative management of tooth extractions.