Collections > UNC Chapel Hill Undergraduate Honors Theses Collection > Betwixt and Between: Subjective Experiences of "Taiwanese Identity"

The main objective of this thesis is to disentangle the complexities of Taiwanese identity with hopes of advancing broader treatises on identity, recognition, and the frictions between internal and external (re)labelling. Overall, it aspires to promote some much-needed dialogue about Taiwanese identity and convey the nuances of its experience through direct engagement with Taiwanese subjects. My research seeks neither to confirm nor deny the materiality of their experiences, but alternatively, it acknowledges the inherent truths embedded within each and every one of them. Thus, I hope to honour the fluidity, changeability, and variability of Taiwanese identity. In summary, this thesis is devoted to celebrating the potential conflicts within and between individual biographies; it bears witness to the plural and contingent nature of Taiwanese identity and experience.