Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > All Nations Evangelical Church: Bringing the Nations Together and Creating a Community of Faith in the New African Diaspora

This thesis explores the role All Nations Evangelical Church plays in the lives of its members, especially its diverse sub-Saharan African immigrant members. The Greensboro, North Carolina church acts as a vehicle for its members to adapt to their new lives in diaspora. This thesis also discusses the ongoing development of the church's identity as a product of the constant negotiation of the disparity between the church's vision and the day-to-day reality of its experience. In various creative ways, and to varying degrees of success, All Nations attempts to reconcile this tension. In creating church practices that are at once familiar (reflecting the lives its immigrant members lived in Africa) and new (reflecting the reality of the church's membership), the church creates a sense of togetherness. In the end, All Nations best achieves its vision for oneness as a community of faith.